The Escape Plan is inspired by what many people I’ve met seem to be looking for: to escape.

Digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue, a negative relationship to food or the body
it’s different for everyone, but the desire to escape, have a better quality of life, and get there without it being arduous is shared by just about everyone with something holding them back.

The plan is a 7-week series that uses the six senses to bring your body and mind out of unwanted states and create an ideal foundation for healing built on awareness and respect for the body.

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Bookended by two full visits with me, the series is essentially a roadtrip through your body, with practices, bedtime reading, playlists, and video lessons along the way and a rest stop in the middle where we focus on grounding in nature, which can be done with me if you’re local to King County, WA or remotely on your own. The plan is largely self-directed while including weekly dispatches from me with the week’s practices and accoutrements and a 20-minute check-in by phone for questions, observations, and accountability. It is fully customized to you, based around the goals in your first visit, and includes a custom aroma and herbal formula created just for you.

The whole series can be done remotely if you are not local to Washington State.



  • A custom Escape Plan journal

  • A custom herbal formula

  • A custom aroma

  • Playlists

  • Videos

  • Bedtime reading

  • 7 weeks dedicated to your healing

  • October Special: 17% off to the next 7 people

  • Optional: Comfort, solidarity, and accountability in
    community with others trying to escape (anonymously or not)



Escaping from what burdens you can easily feel like:

  • Just another burden

  • A foggy, unclear road

  • Something you don’t deserve

    That’s why the Escape Plan is done at a manageable pace, meant to help you tune into your body, understand what’s going on with it, and and ritualize healing without it feeling burdensome. Because yes, you DO DESERVE that. Forming a stronger relationship with your body is a radical act of self-respect. Taking the time to heal naturally helps build self-worth.

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The Escape Plan is the ideal start for just about any person looking for freedom from situations affecting their digestion, nervous system, moods, energy levels, body image, or eating habits. The plan is always personalized to the individual and their unique goals and needs while being based on practices I believe in as foundations of healing.

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CONTACT me with any questions.

SEE the sample plan below for more details.



Initial Intake

Do full intake, talk goals, customize your plan

2 hours (in person or remote)


Week 1: Tasting

Keep food & mood journal, practice mindful eating, begin tuning into the body

PROVIDED: Custom food & mood journal, bedtime reading on food & mood connection, the gut-brain-skin axis, and mindful eating’s benefits for easing digestive, energetic, and mood imbalances and promoting nutrient absorption, mental wellness, energy

20 min/day

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Week 2: Hearing

Practice sound bathing, tune into inner monologue

PROVIDED: Custom playlist, lesson on sound healing and its proven benefits for bringing the body and its systems out of high alert states that may be causing imbalances and into a state of calm that provides a foundation for full body healing

20 min/day

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Week 3: Grounding

Pull off at the REST STOP! This week is about stopping and resting at the halfway point. Ahhhh….

Practice grounding and forest bathing

PROVIDED: Custom aromatherapy and herbal formulas started for you in Week 1 after intake,
lesson on grounding and nature therapy, and their true lasting benefits for physical and mental health

20 min/day or 2 hours/week

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Week 4: Smelling

Practice aromatherapy, keep scent journal

PROVIDED: Custom aromatherapy blend (received the previous week), lesson on aromatherapy and the olfactory system’s fascinating relationship to the mind and body and its powerful potential for promoting memory, clarity, relaxation, and system integration

20 min/day

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Week 5: Seeing

Practice body positivity methods, healing movements, and personal care — see and appreciate your body

PROVIDED: Video lesson on healing movements, bedtime reading on body positivity, lesson and prompts on practicing body positivity and personal care

20 min/day

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Week 6: Intuiting

This is the week we’ve been working up towards, in a lot of ways — in which you’ll use the past weeks’ self reflection to practice more fully tuning into your body, interpret its messages, and learn to TRUST them.

PROVIDED: Custom mood journal (back end of food & mood journal), daily methods of tuning into the body and building trust in intuition, bedtime reading on these practices and their lasting benefits

20 min/day

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Week 7: Regrouping

Ah, we meet again!

Regroup with me, discuss your experience, plan for the future — which practices resonated best with you? What observations came up? What questions can I help answer? Where do you want to go next? Together, we’ll plan for which practices you want to maintain, how to ritualize them, anything new you want to explore, and how to sustain a trusting, positive relationship with your whole, beautiful body.

2 hours (in person or remote)

BOOK by choosing “The Escape Plan - Part 1”