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"Working with Emily is one of the absolutely best things I have done for myself. Even as a healthy intentional person the world of nutrition can be deeply confounding and contradictory to me at times and having someone as knowledgeable, precise and compassionate as Emily to guide me has illuminated many profound new wisdoms. Her process is incredible thorough and personal and I felt like she gave me a ton of real practical tools and tips that I will use for the rest of my life. I have seen nutritionists before but Emily's process and power of perception are singular. You must consult with her!"

"Emily has a magical way of communicating. Warm, open, grounding, confident, inquisitive, thoughtful, kind. She did extensive research before our meeting and met me at my level of knowledge and helped me build upon my understanding of nutrition."

"It was healing to be in the presence of a practitioner who listened, took my concerns seriously, and was proactive in addressing all of these concerns. I felt totally comfortable and seen. During our session and in the follow-up, we addressed chronic issues I’ve had through a new lens. I really appreciated the holistic perspective, from the dietary to the energetic, and willingness to treat symptoms as interconnected. I also really appreciated the pace and balance she kept during our session. She created a safe space to heal."

"Emily was such a great listener. She made note of what I was already consuming and tailored her suggestions accordingly. I also appreciated that in the her recommendations she made note of the financial accessibility of different recommendations so I could make the best choice for myself. I walked away with super valuable and personal information, and have been acting on the recommendations with great success so far."

"Emily was very thorough, attentive and organized. She explained the process as we went, took extensive notes as I shared information, and responded both during our session and afterwards with a lot of great health and nutritional knowledge and recommendations. It really seemed like she cared and she has a lot of passion for this, which is inspiring as a client. It felt like a very positive, mutual exchange, and I left our session feeling hopeful, happy and reinvigorated to address an array of ongoing health challenges. Pretty much awesome."

“I sought guidance after experiencing major life changes and felt the need to help myself move forward, mentally, physically, and emotionally as well as spiritually. I wasn't necessarily looking for anyone in particular, but I am so pleased to have discovered Emily Wittenhagen from CobwebMD. She is a Certified Nutritionist, herbalist, and natural life coach, but I can say she is so much more. She has a depth of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding with many issues and topics. I developed sincere trust and confidence in her as she demonstrated empathy, understanding, listening, and guidance that to me was priceless as we meandered through the depths of my life experiences in our sessions. I must stress also that I was committed to HELPING MYSELF.  Emily became my ALLY in that context, that is HELPING ME TO HELP MYSELF. I really felt she was invested in my well being!

Emily developed a process called "The Escape Plan" which dives into healing modalities focusing on nutrition, sound healing, aromatherapy, self empowerment, intuition, and presence. We also explored the healing aspects of nature through "forest bathing" - in which studies have found that spending time in a forest can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and anger; strengthen the immune system; improve cardiovascular and metabolic health; and boost overall well-being. This has done wonders for my stress and spiritual grounding. We have also done different healing poses designed for energetic grounding, cleansing, and empowerment.  

My experience with Emily was wonderful as she is able to be flexible with any path that I was wanting to explore - be it past traumas, spirituality, emotional and energetic blocks, dietary and botanical support, and nature and sound healing among others. I was very pleased that I could touch on many aspects of life with Emily, and she was able to be there with confidence. I have healed and grown so much with her help and really have no words to express my gratitude for her services. I sincerely and highly recommend her.”